Friday, January 31, 2014

With passwords of other services: unknown E-mail Accounts crack at Yahoo - ABC Online

a hacker attack unknown e-mail accounts have cracked at Yahoo. The company encourages its customers on to change the passwords: For the attack apparently the hackers stole data, which are also used in other companies



The Internet company Yahoo reports a hacker attack on email accounts. The attackers used this confidential information which was believed to have been acquired by a data theft at another company, Yahoo announced on its official blog. “We have no indication that they are purchased directly through the systems of Yahoo.”

hackers often make use of the fact that internet users use the same passwords for different accounts. Yahoo also announced, users had been called to change their passwords. How many user accounts are concerned, the Group was not known. He did not name the name of the other company.

This happened in a minute on the internet

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