Saturday, January 11, 2014

Redtube Abmahn-Antwalt Urmann acknowledges potential problems a -

New Sounds in the warning wave against the RedTube users. The firm Urmann seem suddenly not so sure how the rights situation of the video really looks like. First grants the attorney Urmann problems a.

Absurdum suddenly breaks new ground. The Regensburg Abmahn attorney Thomas Urmann has admitted in an interview for the first time that his firm Urmann could get to enforce your claims against Redtube-user problems. Currently, it remains unclear whether the Swiss company that the law firm Urmann had commissioned the warning wave, The Archive, actually has the rights to the broadcast on Redtube videos. So far, at least to the positions taken by the lawyers Christian Solmecke and John of males Abmahnopfer have not made any payments to the firm Urmann. Nevertheless, the firm abmahnende’ve taken no steps. If there were a process that would Abmahner in detail to prove that their Swiss clients ever really has the violated rights.

already initiated proceedings against the Abgemahnt and willing to pay user of the platform could be in the next few weeks “her normal way to go, if not it turns out that with the right chain something is not in order.” In the worst case, the Abgemahnt would then namely “a claim for damages against The Archives”. The possible claims against his firm are, however, protected with a high liability insurance. The reputation that the firm could have worked through this Abwahnwelle, may perhaps can not get down with a good insurance in order.


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