Sunday, January 5, 2014

Americans to save the Russians and Chinese - Spiegel Online

Washington – Russians, Chinese, Americans – in the Antarctic, the ships of the world powers gather to each other to pull out of the ice


After the Russian research vessel “Akademik Shokalskiy” since Christmas Eve is firmly seated and also rushed to the scene to rescue Chinese icebreaker “Snow Dragon” (“Xue Long”) does not go any further, there are now the United States sent: Australian Seesicherheitsbehörde (Amsa) and Russia and China have asked the country to help, the U.S. government said. Why would the “Polar Star” break even on Sunday from Sydney.

The icebreaker U.S. Coast Guard will need about a week to Commonwealth Bay, in the other two ships are stuck, said the Amsa with. The “Polar Star” had left her home port of Seattle in early December for an Antarctic trip. The approximately 122-meter-long ship can break more than six meters thick ice.

The Chinese icebreaker “Snow Dragon” had previously tried in vain to the “Akademik Shokalskiy” to rettenund is now trapped in the ice itself. According to reporters, the Chinese news agency Xinhua, which are on board the ship, the “Snow Dragon” since Friday blocked by a one-kilometer-long iceberg. Only when this gives way again, could continue to drive the icebreaker. China’s Premier Li Kediang called for the crew to remain calm. The food stocks to last for several weeks.

the “Akademik Shokalskiy” the 22-member crew since Christmas is already seated firmly. The 52 passengers – researchers and tourists – had been flown out on Thursday by a helicopter to the ship “Aurora Australis”. The Australian icebreaker now controls the first Australian research station at Casey to deliver supplies there. After taking the “Aurora Australis” course at the Australian port of Hobart.


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