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Mobile phone maker is following suit: objectors Apple is now planning yet more iPhones - ABC Online

identifies substantial iPhones condense. Apple plan for this year, two models with screen sizes from a good 4.5 and 5 inches (11.5 and 12.7 cm), reported that “Wall Street Journal”. The plans could change, and that it was restrictive, citing initiated persons.

Apple itself manifests itself not traditionally to new products, the “Wall Street Journal” lay with his information about upcoming Apple products but often right.

Larger Smartphones are popular in China

Both new models would have an aluminum housing, wrote the newspaper said. Apple wants 5c give up the plastic casing of the current model iPhone again. The Group had invested a lot of money in an advertising campaign for it, according to media reports, the more expensive iPhone 5s sold but much better.

Apple previously refused to the trend toward large screens so that the smartphone can still be operated with one hand. For quite some time is therefore speculated that Apple could jump on the trend to larger displays. Especially in the Chinese market is becoming increasingly important are more popular smartphones.

New display technology to improve image

The Group had long indicated that larger displays often have a worse picture. CEO Tim Cook had, however, taken a softening of the position a few months ago: He pointed out that with advances in display technology, you now should not have to compromise on image quality.

Apple usually brings in a new-generation iPhone out, most recently in September. Main rival is Samsung with its Galaxy series, which runs on the Android operating system from Google.

investor Icahn intensified pressure on Apple

Meanwhile, Cook can currently focus not only on new products. The notorious for its hard stance U.S. investor Carl Icahn, who switched to Apple’s billion-money mountain, increasing pressure on the Group’s management.

now he stuck within a day by half a billion dollars in Apple stock. Thus, the value of its investment had grown to $ 3.6 billion, Icahn said on Thursday.

Apple is worth $ 500 billion

In an open letter, he reiterated again after the call for a significantly higher dividend to shareholders. The company had too much money for a rainy day. Apple had recently rejected Icahn’s demand to buy shares worth at least $ 50 billion in the current fiscal year.

Overall, the price of Apple’s stock about 500 billion dollars worth. Icahn is known to exert great pressure on companies with small positions. He currently also called for an elimination of the payment service PayPal of the online trading platform Ebay, in which it holds less than one percent of the shares.

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