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Even more intimate user data: Google buys house technology pioneer for 3.2 ... - ABC Online

Google buys a business with networked home automation. The U.S. Internet Group shall (2.34 billion euros), the company’s Nest, a provider of digital thermostats and smoke detectors for 3.2 billion dollars. Nest should continue to be led by co-founder Tony Fadell, Google announced on Monday in Mountain View, California. Fadell is considered one of the fathers of Apple’s iPod music player. A few weeks ago, he announced an accelerated expansion into Europe.

Google can get the data from the devices you have installed: Nest evaluates them in order to improve the technique. “We see when people burn their toast or carbon monoxide leaks,” Fadell had said in early December at the conference LeWeb in Paris. Now stressed nest in a blog entry, the data would continue to operate exclusively for the operation and improvement of its devices and services.

founder Tony Fadell – an inventor of iPods

nest was aware that people would see information from its budget as a very private matter, Fadell had said in Paris. Therefore, the company had a private hacking team to look for any weaknesses. Authorities could possibly get access to the information, but only in isolated cases. “If someone wants to approach data from a household, he must come to me or my co-founder and the reasons for good.”

The 44-year-old Fadell is one of the inventors of the iPod music player from Apple. He founded the company Nest 2010. She made in the USA with their smart thermostats for attention. Among other things, they adapt to the habits of the inhabitants of, lower the temperature when no one is home, and can be controlled from your smartphone. The devices also employ motion sensors. For example, if a smoke alarm goes off during cooking, it is enough to wave in front of the Nest device to park it again.

Turbulent times for nest

It is not the first foray of Google in the home technology. Google had once under his own roof, a project for smart computer, but made it tight. With nest thus count the events: Only at the beginning of the year had the technology blog “Recode” reported nest is facing a further capital injection. Investors wanted to buy more shares nest for at least $ 150 million to an overall evaluation of the company of over two billion dollars, it was then called, citing informed people.

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