Friday, January 17, 2014

Driving with Google Goggles but not criminal - 20 Minuten Online

programmer Cecilia Abadie has caused a stir. Last October was the 44-year-old – nota bene the first man ever – a fine because she had on her nose while driving Google’s data Glasses Glass. According to the indictment Abadie was on 29 October stopped by a policeman. Because: Under California law, motorists may during the journey will not be distracted by a screen or a video player


But Abadie resisted the buses – with success. A court has acquitted. The judge found the woman absence of proof of innocence. It was not proven that the glasses had been turned on while driving. The Google-Glass-bearer told the court that the power was off. To process it appeared combative with attached data goggles. In the hall they put this away, however.

opposite the AP news agency Abadie said last fall that the laws were not clear and also outdated. In at least two U.S. states, Delaware and West Virginia, are now laws in place that prohibit driving with Google Glass. Expected later this year, Google wants to bring his data glasses on the market.


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