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CES 2014 in Las Vegas: These are the technology trends of the year - STERN.DE

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A trend are smartphones with curved display. Shown here is the LG G Flex. ©

L as Vegas will return to high-tech Mecca: In the “Consumer Electronics Show” (CES) Hundreds of exhibitors show the latest gadgets and technology trends. And it is already clear: 2014 will be the year of “wearable devices”, the portable equipment, this includes about Google’s data Glasses Glass or fitness bracelets, measure the steps and calories burned of the users. In Las Vegas connected home appliances, sensors and novel technology such as computer clocks or phones with flexible screens will play a major role. The market for small portable Internet devices will explode, said Shawn DuBravac, chief economist at the trade show organizer CEA. LG is believed to current rumors, introduce a new fitness wristband that can also display data from a paired mobile phone.

At the same time, many of the ideas still in its infancy. For Smart Watches for instance, which are smart watches, which are connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone, it The main goal to show what is technically possible. “It could take another five to ten years to commercially meaningful,” says DuBravac. Sony and Samsung have already introduced their own Smart Watches, this year, experts expect similar devices by heavyweights such as Google and Apple. Pebble, one of the pioneers in the field of smart watches want to present news on Monday evening German time. Even away from the electronics industry is growing the importance of high-tech wrist watches: Mercedes shows at its booth the prototype of a car, the data of the car – about the level of the fuel tank – sends to the SmartWatch Pebble


 CES, Consumer Electronics Show, exhibition, technology, Las Vegas, Gadget

Sly watches, headsets and their bracelets are the technology trends of the year 2014. ©

This home is smart

Another trend is the networking of the budget over the Internet. These smartphones will play an important role, expected technology expert DuBravac. “Smartphones and tablets are the control center for all of these connected devices.” A tethered to the Internet thermostat could about turn up the heating when the homeowner makes with his cell phone on the way home. This allows the devices to link more and more information about their users. DuBravac assumes that the additional comfort is worth the many users.

Like every year, the CES is also a showcase of the television industry. After 3D has never been conquered correctly the living room, now set the TV manufacturers to ultra-high resolution 4K TV. Set on the same area four times as many pixels are as commercially available full high-definition televisions. Currently, most devices are still quite expensive, but in the course of UHD devices are likely to appear for less than 1000 euros. But not only in terms of resolution is heating up, and the shape changed: Curved TVs, TVs with curved display, are in vogue. Both Samsung and LG want to show in Las Vegas devices that combine both technologies in themselves. UHD resolution on a curved display with 105-inch diagonal (about 2.67 meters)

emerging heat smartphone boom in

The Internet increasingly people use smartphones and tablets rather than traditional PCs. Especially in emerging markets like China, India and Brazil stand with the rise of the smartphone revolution from the big cities to the countryside rapid growth of user numbers before, emphasizes the leading analyst of the trade show organizer CEA, Steve Koenig. “The U.S. will have to accept second place in the worldwide electronics business in the long term.”

Therefore, experts expect a lot of new smartphone models, especially in the lower price segment. Of the more than 1.2 billion smart phones, which are estimated to offset this year, go around 70 percent in the growth markets. Thus the average price of a smartphone of 444 dollars in 2010 will drop to $ 297. But even with the top models replenishment is to be expected: Sony is likely to present a successor to the flagship Xperia Z1, LG displays at CES the G Flex with curved display


For Tablets should be similar to development. “In order to penetrate deep into the markets of these countries, you need cheap gadgets.” When the tablets often go hand in hand with smaller screen sizes. But even in the U.S. would Tablets with diagonal screen under 9 inches now account for two-thirds of the market. According to rumors, Samsung will show at CES but also an over-sized tablet with 12.2 inch screen size.

technology show in the desert More than 3200 exhibitors and over 150,000 trade visitors, electronics fair CES expected this year. The organizers expect around 20,000 new developments that in the casino city Las Vegas of 7 to 10 January will be presented. The abbreviation CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, but the organizers want the full name drop, because it now involves much more than just consumer electronics. Among other things, it attracts more and more car manufacturers to Las Vegas. Unlike IFA in Berlin, the CES is but no orders fair and aimed at a pure specialist audience.

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