Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monday morning the alarm clock rings for the comet probe "Rosetta" -

Vienna – Far beyond all earthly time zones ringing on Monday at 11.00 Central European Time clock alarm clock: Nearly ten years after the launch, the spacecraft “ Rosetta ” from her current, since 8 June 2011 brought lasting deep sleep (we reported). It will in the next few months approaching the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November for the first time to settle a lander on it.

After waking up, the probe is initially heat up and the first radio signals to send around 17.45 clock toward Earth. In the following weeks, the individual systems of the probe and from 28 March also those of the Landers turned on gradually and thoroughly checked.

In May, the probe must be once more gas. Around 800 meters per second, it is accelerated to catch up with the comet. This will be from about June targeted by the navigation camera, with which the convergence is taking place. In early August should “Rosetta ” get into the small gravitational field of the comet and pivot into its orbit. (APA / red, 19 1 2014)

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