Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Million German users affected: Hackers crack 16 million online access - ABC Online

unknowns have seized 16 million access various online services – especially German users are affected, warns the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology. Who wants to know if his account has been cracked, can verify that.

Millions of access for online services are according to the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) were captured. Research institutions and law enforcement agencies are pushed to 16 million user accounts compromised, the BSI announced on Tuesday. The records usually contain an email address and a password. The researchers and prosecutors would have to pass the data to the BSI.

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The Authority has set up a website, can check on the users whether they are affected. Internet users can, enter their e-mail address, which is then compared with the data. When struck, the users get a message to the specified email address. “When that happens, your computer probably is infected with malicious software,” said Tim Griese by BSI. The message of the BSI contains tips on what to do in this case. More than half of the email addresses ended in. De and were therefore likely to Internet users in Germany, Griese said.


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concerned should change all access

access had appeared in the analysis of botnets. The networks are hijacked computers that have been infected often without the knowledge of users with malicious software. Criminals use the zombie computers, for example to en masse to send unwanted e-mails. Because there will determine the BSI wanted to make no further information on the source of the data.

The records may indicate hijacked e-mail accounts. But the combination of email address and password is often also used to log in to other services, such as online networks or shopping sites. Sufferers should digitally clean their computer and modify access for their online profiles, recommends the BSI.

Click here for the BSI safety test: www.sicherheitstest.bsi.de (SSL page)

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