Friday, January 17, 2014

Internet: Google strengthens claim to leadership in the technology industry - TIME ONLINE

Berlin / Mountain View (AP) – Google wants to be much more than an Internet company. The company, which began as online search engine, is on course to become the leading technology companies in the world.

self-propelled cars, internet connections for remote areas, data glasses, a robot project and now also linked contact lenses for diabetics – at Google are working hundreds of researchers working to invent the future



And the secret research laboratory Google X, from which comes the presented on Friday contact lens prototype has even more to offer. In a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the research factory Google Manager Regina Dugan told last spring by further innovations such as a digital tattoo and an electronic pill for the identification, for example, in access control systems. The pill draws its energy from the gastric juice, and sends a signal which can be evaluated by a reading device. Dugan came to Google from the research agency DARPA, the technology developed for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Google X to think boldly about the future and make also facing some crazy ideas do not stop appearing, to space elevators, the default is the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who oversees the lab. “We are serious about making the world a better place,” announced Google X boss Astro Teller in an interview with the magazine “Bloomberg Business Week”. And compared the laboratory with Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, a magical place that must remain for the time being isolated from the eyes of the world. “Sergey is Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox, I am,” he explained the role of distribution in allusion to the “Batman” world. There, Fox is the engineer, the billionaire and secret Batman Wayne provides the necessary technology.

Projects Google X go far beyond the originally announced Google’s mission beyond “to make all information available in the world.” And yet there is a gap between vision and reality: The future projects sound cool, but all are not yet on the market – and earns his money Google still with advertising on the Internet, especially with clicks on ads next to hits on the search engine. ” / p>

The fuel for this are the data of Internet users. The trick is, to the user for him just display relevant advertising. Several years ago, said the former CEO and current Board Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google wants its customers always serve up the right information at the right time – perhaps even before they even know that they need it. Thus, the service Google Now warn of a possible delay, because it combines the information about an event from your Google Calendar with the current location and the traffic situation. The catch: For this to work, Google needs as much as possible about a user


is not doing well, as was shown a few days ago with the acquisition of the provider of smart thermostats and smoke detectors nest. The units of the company have a variety of sensors that can detect if their owners are at home and also in what rooms they happen. The data land on the nest servers. The company emphasized though, that the information would continue to be used only for their own service. Yet this concern, Google could know in the future when you leave your house, swings in comments by network experts and Internet users with easy. The same applies to the idea of ??having to measure the blood glucose levels by Google. Especially since the group with the dominant smartphone system Android already is where many data on hundreds of millions of users.

In the case of contact lens that diabetics can indicate changes in blood glucose values, Google must first convince even the experts. “Determination of glucose in the tear fluid has for decades been an issue, as many research groups are working on it,” said about the President of the German Diabetes Association (DDG), Erhard seal. One problem was but so far, that the ratio of glucose in the blood and in the tear fluid vacillate. “In addition, especially low blood sugar levels could not be accurately capture – but just are very important.” Even though there seemed to be an “absolute prototype,” the idea is but its approach well, seal stressed at the same time.

Google to contact lens

plate on “Bloomberg Business Week”

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