Monday, January 13, 2014

After Windows 8 Flop: Windows 9 "Threshold" in the run - ABC Online

Many hopes Microsoft had put into its operating system Windows 8: tiled look, touch-screen control and the lack of a classic start menu should usher in a new era. But the success hoped for did not materialize. It could not change much and the update to version 8.1. Many users stayed with the very popular predecessor Windows 7 As the Microsoft insiders Paul Thurrott now reported on its website, the manufacturer of Redmond wants already on the property’s conference on “BUILD 2014″ in April will announce concrete details as successor to Windows 9.

Currently wearing the new Windows version is still the codename “Threshold”. Initially it was still assumed that this is the next big update to the Windows version 8.2, now, however, the evidence of an independent successor condense. As release date Microsoft set my sights April 2015, as Thurrott further reported.

The Return of the Start menu

The new Windows should learn from the mistakes of Windows 8 and integrate the popular Start menu again as a central part of the operating system. In addition to Metro application henceforth also run in the classic desktop environment. However, the unloved Windows 8 will continue to be maintained. Windows 8.1 in 2014, donated the first large service package with the name “Update 1″ get as Thurrott continues to write.

Windows 8.1 in the test

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