Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reimburse Apple has 32.5 million U.S. dollars -

parents do not always adhere to their children. At least not in the current Apple dispute over the sale of mobile apps to minors in the United States. The group relents and pays compensation in the millions.

Apple reimbursed parents at least $ 32,500,000 (equivalent to 23.8 million euros) for purchases of their children unattended in the App Store of U.S. technology group. The manufacturer of iPhone and iPad agreed considering a class action to a corresponding comparison of how the U.S. regulatory FTC announced. Apple has also agreed to improve child safety for purchases in its App Store.

Small gap in the Apple store

The children could freely buy in the online shop for the apps of the U.S. group so-called because Apple customers to date automatically activate their access by entering their passwords for 15 minutes. This time window was but by no means obvious to all.


short time later after a shopping then passed on his device to children, this could independently download apps on iPhone and iPad. “Children have accumulated bills for millions of dollars without the knowledge and consent of their parents,” said FTC boss Edith Ramirez. Thousands of consumers are affected. In a particularly extreme case, a girl should have put 2600 dollars in his virtual pet hotel.

By comparison, Apple provides for compensation now at least $ 32,500,000 ready. An upper limit, there is not – it depends on how many victims come forward. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in an article published on the website “9to5Mac” letter to his employees that about 37,000 complaints were received by the company. The company did not want to risk a long legal battle. Overall, the Group has informed his own words 28 million customers in e-mails about the possibility of a refund.

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