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Now travels the U.S. icebreaker "Polar Star" in the Antarctic - T-Online

New rescue attempt

Now travels the U.S. icebreaker “Polar Star” in the Antarctic

01.05.2014, 12:33 clock | AFP

In about a week to arrive in Antarctica the American ship on the scene. (Source: Reuters)

After several failed attempts to save a U.S. icebreaker is now to get the fixed in the Antarctic research vessel “Akademik Shokalskij” for help. The “Polar Star” of the U.S. Coast Guard had to leave at the request of Australia with supplies on board the port of Sydney, said the Australian Maritime Authority AMSA with.

The vessel is also the Chinese icebreaker “Xue Long”: support (in German “Snow Dragon”), which is now included in the pack ice even after a botched relief effort


“Polar Star” can drive through 1.8 meters of ice

The “Polar Star” will reach in about a week the accident site, which lies about a hundred miles (185 kilometers) of the French Antarctic base D’Urville. The 122-meter-long ice-breaker can break through up to six meters thick ice. At a speed of three knots he can work through a layer of ice up to 1.8 meters.

The “Xue Long”, meanwhile, wants to make a new attempt on Monday to free themselves from the pack ice. According to calculations, is then expected to favorable weather conditions, said a leader of the Chinese Antarctic program. The ship is since Friday blocked by an-kilometer iceberg.

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“Aurora Australis” now at home

At the salvage of since Christmas Eve frozen Russian ship had failed both the “Xue Long” and the Australian ice breaker ‘Aurora Australis “. On Thursday finally flew a helicopter of the “Xue Long” the 52 passengers of the “Akademik Shokalskij” to “Aurora Australis”. The 22 crew members were aboard the Russian ship. The “Aurora Australis” continued her journey now continues.

05.01.2014, 12:33 clock | AFP

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