Tuesday, January 7, 2014

After Redtube-warning wave: Ministry of Justice porn streaming stops for ... - ABC Online

Anyone looking video streams, it is apparent from the Ministry of Justice considers not infringe the copyright, the reported “Spiegel Online” and refers to a response from the federal government to an inquiry of the left group. This reply has been made public by now the deputy Helen Wawzyniak. This contradicts the federal government the legal opinion of lawyers, who had warned users suspected of online porn in recent weeks.

From the warning wave in Germany are affected tens of thousands of Internet users. They were prosecuted because they had allegedly accessed copyrighted sex films on the American website “Redtube.com”. A Regensburger law firm asked her to pay 250 euros and to certify in writing not to commit the offense again. Many legal experts doubt that the retrieval of a stream may violate copyright, because no permanent copy is created with the user when streaming as opposed to download, but only a volatile data buffer.

In response to the request of the Left, the federal government makes it very clear that the question of the legality of the video streaming should be clarified by the courts. “Whether the use of streaming offerings constitutes a reproduction, violates the rights of authors and holders of related rights, is however not yet been clarified by the supreme court.” Ultimately, the question as “to be decided by the European Court of Justice”.

How the redirection trick Redtube-Abmahner

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