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Google sells Motorola mobile phone division to Lenovo -

Google sells Motorola mobile phone division to Lenovo

A terrible end?

Google sells the mobile phone business of Motorola after less than two years to the Chinese Lenovo Group. The world’s largest PC manufacturer pays $ 2.91 billion. Google had paid $ 12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility.

By Wolfgang Stuflesser, ARD radio studio in Los Angeles

Looking at the raw numbers, then the deal for Google is at first sight an end with terror: Twelve and a half billion dollars, Google had paid for not even two years ago for Motorola Mobility. Now the Internet giant gets just under three billion dollars for the equivalent of about 2.1 billion euros. However, Google had justified the purchase from the beginning so that Motorola in the mobile sector holds a variety of patents. And the lion’s share of these patents reserves Google now, they are excluded from the sale.

Google CEO Larry Page, thus encompassing a day before he is required to submit the current quarterly figures, the emergency brake – because even in Google’s Motorola guidance on writing massively in the red, in the previous quarter alone nearly $ 250 million loss. New models such as the Moto X Moto and G have not changed anything. Dominating the market for smartphones is used worldwide by Samsung and Apple.

Good deal for Lenovo

Google pulls So now, in the field of hardware back and focuses on the software: The in-house Android operating system runs on more than 80 percent of all smartphones, even on the models of Samsung. In addition, Google is by Motorola now another problem going on: so far looked the other smartphone manufacturers exactly that Google gave to no extra treat his own Motorola models, such as when distributing updates to the current system version


Lenovo’s motives are clear: the world’s largest PC manufacturers want some time big move into the smartphone business and now get the Motorola brand, introduced to the comparatively low price. For Lenovo is not the first deal this way: Even a few years, the Chinese have bought the IBM PC and laptop division, and the first last week, even the server business


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