Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mysterious boulders discovered: NASA puzzles over mysterious donut stone on ... - ABC Online

The Mars Rover

“Opportunity” is an oldie of his profession. For years, he rolls over the surface of the red planet and takes pictures, analyzed soil samples studied minerals. Recently photographed “Opportunity” with its panoramic camera the same place twice at an interval of twelve days, as NASA announced at a formal presentation for the tenth anniversary of the Mars mission.

presented the comparison, the space scientists surprised to find that distinguished the later image at one point. Now lay there on the rocky surface of Mars, a mysterious asteroid which had not previously located there. “Mars makes but always good for a surprise,” said Steve Squyres, principal investigator of the Mars mission.

Geriet the stone under the wheels?

Squires stated that “Opportunity” is not directly rolled over the area in question, but one to two meters past it. How then came the rounded boulders, which resembles with its dark indentation in the middle of a donut, in its place? The researchers have two theories as to how the English language news site “CNN” reported. Most likely, therefore, was that the stone fell under one of the wheels rolling and was thrown into place.

The second theory is related to the possible existence of a “smoking hole” together. If located near such a crater, the stone could have been cast out also from the throat. Squyres believes this but unlikely.

“We are totally messed up”

currently investigating “Opportunity” the enigmatic rock, measures and photographed in more detail. An exciting finding, the researchers have thus been obtained. The dark piece in the center was different from “everything we have seen so far.” It contains an unusual amount of sulfur and magnesium, as well as twice as much manganese as anything ever discovered on Mars.

“We are totally confused and have a wonderful time. Everyone from the team discusses and argues, “the space scientists is at” CNN quoted “. Maybe driving the same routes brings the Mars research now even on a new path.

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