Friday, January 10, 2014

New warning wave in the case Redtube: The brazen Porn lawyers defy the judiciary - ABC Online

end of last year, the firm sent U + C over 20,000 warnings. In this they accused the their receivers to have committed the streaming sex movies on porn platform Redtube copyright infringement. Since the streaming of movies but is still in a legal gray area, is still unclear whether there is an infringement of copyright to consider legally protected material.

The Justice Department brought a few days ago good news for users of streaming portals. In his estimation, the streaming of films is permitted. In a response to an inquiry of the Left Party, the Federal Ministry of Justice stated that it “is not the mere viewing of a video stream for copyright infringement” hold.

However restricts the ministry that his opinion is not law. “Whether the use of streaming offerings constitutes a reproduction, violates the rights of authors and holders of related rights, is not yet clarified by the supreme court was. Ultimately, this question can only be decided by the European Court of Justice. “

attorney provides more warnings in view

who has already received a warning letter from the law firm U + C should not simply sink the unsightly letter therefore in the trash. The Managing Director of Abmahnkanzlei, Thomas Urmann, the statement of the Government does not scare: “The Department of Justice, of course, has no right to give instructions of whatever kind. How do you already said there, that’s just the opinion of the Ministry and ultimately will have to decide for the Federal or, where appropriate, the European Court of Justice. “

One end of the warning wave is loud Urmann not in sight: “That we have not to decide, but the client, but I’m assuming that everything will go his usual and orderly way,” the lawyer told ABC Online.

Meanwhile, the law firm Müller Müller Rößner has placed a complaint against the managing director of U + C on behalf of several Abgemahnter. The allegation is the most serious blackmail or particularly serious fraud, since U + C sent warning letters, although the legal situation in the area of ??streaming is not yet clarified. Currently, the prosecutor checks whether a reasonable suspicion against Urmann present. The Abmahnanwalt can not be put through the display from the rest: “I’m absolutely not nervous. The prosecutor in Hamburg has indeed informed yesterday that she still has no concrete suspicion. “

Whether Urmann strikes the counter-attack and filing a complaint against Müller Müller Rößner is still unclear: “This you have to see, basically I find it plenty childish if to show lawyers against each other,” said Urmann


loses the firm U + C their approval?

addition to the criminal complaint Urmann threatens yet another low blow. The law firm of U + C could be a profession ban are in the house. The mbH has recently moved its place of registration to Hamburg – which is only permitted if at least one director who lives in Hamburg. Thomas Urmann even has his residence but still in Regensburg. According to the Attorney Daniel Nierenz the firm could lose its registration through this step: “Mr. Urmann, sole director, has moved its place of registration as a lawyer from Regensburg to Hamburg. Thus the condition in the Federal Code of Lawyers is no longer met and the Bar Nuremberg would have the firm withdraw the approval, “said Nierenz FOCUS Online.

What is allowed at the net?

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