Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Smart Home: Google buys Nest Labs for $ 3.2 billion - ZDNet.de

Google has announced a takeover of Nest Labs for $ 3.2 billion in cash. The company, founded by former Apple staff provides intelligent thermostats and smoke detectors forth. Chef remains the current CEO Tony Fadell, who is considered one of the fathers of the iPod. In addition, the start-up should be continued as an independent company.

Nest thermostat (Image: Nest Labs) Nest thermostat (Image: Nest Labs)

By joining forces with Google Nest could achieve its goals faster than alone, Fadell writes in a blog entry. “Google has the corporate resources, the global size and reach to accelerate the growth of nest in the areas of hardware, software and services.”

Already in December 2013 the rumor had surfaced, Google most Internet-connected thermostats. Fadell has now confirmed that his company was in contact for three years with Google. A first meeting took place even before the foundation of the nest almost four years ago.

“They already offer at incredible products that you can buy immediately – thermostats can save energy, and detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide, which help to protect your family. We are pleased to bring great experiences in more households in more countries and to fulfill dreams, “Google CEO Larry Page is quoted in a press release.

Nest Co-Founder Matt Rogers stressed that data from nest-customers would not be passed to Google. “Our Privacy Policy restricts the use of customer data to provide and improve the products and services of the nest. We have always taken privacy very seriously and nothing will change. “Nest will continue to support and iOS devices.

Google wants the acquisition – the second largest in its history – over the following months. Previously, it needs the approval of regulatory authorities.

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