Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alleged accounts of Telekom: New wave of Trojan-mails peeking ... - ABC Online

A new wave of fake emails currently threatens the data of many Internet users. Alleged sender of the message is usually the Telekom, also under the name Vodafone are fraudulent emails in circulation. The e-mails contain putative accounts of mobile operators and challenge you to open the account by clicking on a link.

who land falls for it, not on an official site with a mobile provider, but on completely different pages, such as in Taiwan – a case of Internet fraudsters. Behind many of these left is a malware of cheaters that infects your PC with a Trojan. This illuminates the computer for sensitive information, such as the access to online banking.

How to recognize a fake mail account:

-mail speaks with “Dear” or “Dear Sir / r”, “first name” “last name” or simply as “good day”! to

there is a file attachment, usually as a “statement” or “reminder” in

in the subject line are terms such as “Payment Information”, “Billing”, “reminder”

the e-mail mentions an invoice amount and due date

mails immediately delete

To avoid the danger receiver should delete the e-mails immediately. If it is to become infected already too late and the PC, Windows should be reinstalled. Noticeable were the attacks because many sufferers are not even customers of the mobile phone provider.

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