Saturday, January 4, 2014

Photo service hacked: Snapchat want to go big data leak improve security - ABC Online

photo service Snapchat wants after data leak, were published in the names and phone numbers of some 4.6 million users in the network, change its app.


to users the function for finding friends, over which the data were tapped, can turn off again, Snapchat explained in a blog post late Thursday. In addition, you will restrict access to the user information.

unknown millions of names and phone numbers of Snapchat users had posted online in the New Year night. They had, however, the last two digits of telephone numbers defaced. About the mobile app images can be sent. The snapshots deleted by no later than ten seconds even, once the recipient has seen it.

The data were apparently picked up via a known vulnerability. The IT security firm Gibson Security had described in detail for Christmas, like a database of user names and phone numbers can be created. They had warned the photo service only four months earlier before the vulnerability, but there was nothing happening, said Gibson. Snapchat criticized now, with the publication of a detailed guide Gibson have made it easier for an attacker to exploit the vulnerability.

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