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Competition with Google Glass: data goggles and Iris Scanner: This brings the Galaxy ... - ABC Online

The technology leap from Galaxy S3 to S4 successor was not a big one, which has also been recognized manufacturer Samsung. With the new generation of its flagship smartphone, the South Korean electronics giant will therefore come up with some innovations. Among other things, the Samsung Galaxy S5 should be equipped with an iris scanner, such as “Bloomberg News” reported on its website. In order for the Apple competitor would respond 5s on the fingerprint scanner in iPhone.

“Many are fond of the technology for iris recognition,” citing “Bloomberg News” Lee Young Hee, vice president of the mobile division of Samsung. “We are investigating the possibilities they offer.” This new model of the Galaxy series to be announced in March or April, confirmed Lee. Sales of the S4 had fallen in September after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c, Samsung’s profit fell in the fourth quarter of 2013, surprisingly by a fifth.

“It is partly true that the users found it hard to tell the difference between the S4 and S3, at least on the physical level,” Lee admitted in. “With the S5, we want to remind ourselves again to the essentials. “One thing that is all about the display and about how it feels housing. Innovations are also planned for the high-end model Galaxy Note, so among other things, a three-sided display to read even from an oblique perspective can.

Mobile Future: Data eyeglasses and Smart Watches

addition to the iris scanner for eye detection Samsung will apparently enter into the market of data glasses. According to “Bloomberg News”, the group in South Korea has already let protect a design proposal: The glasses should be able to display data from the smartphone, allowing users to take calls. Compared to the news page Lee just confirmed that Samsung will announce a new portable device this year.

Already planned

is a new version of Samsung Smart Watch Gear. “If we bring the S5 on the market, users can also expect a Gear-successor. This will come up with new features and even the bulky design is improved to Bloomberg News, “Lee said” “. The research group IHS Global Insights sees the market for portable devices such as smart watches to increase to around 22 billion euro by 2018. According to Lee Samsung wants to be with new features such as calories checker and heart rate monitor forefront.

Samsung shows first flexible TV

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