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27 January 2014 19:50

Angry Birds: an extremely popular app – for smartphone users such as intelligence

(Photo: Rovio )

The intelligence community NSA and GCHQ monitor mails, phone calls and text messages – this is known. But even smartphone apps are not sure how “Guardian” and “New York Times” report now. In Angry Birds, Facebook, or Google Maps can even be win especially delicate information.

Angry Birds, Google Maps, Facebook: Not just phone calls and text messages can the U.S. NSA and the British counterpart GCHQ recorded and analyzed, also of Apps can be serially filtering user information. The report of the British Guardian and the New York Times consistently relying on more secret Snowden documents.

data leaks in popular smartphone applications, the secret, for example, information about the site or access the phone model, write the media. And also very personal data is collected from the various apps and can be filtered by the intelligence from the data streams: age, gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, level of education or number of children – no information from user profiles is safe from NSA and GCHQ, the findings.

“Each of the Google Maps uses, supports GCHQ”

Especially the searches on Google Maps and other mapping services to have been evaluated in a big way. Firstly, a database has been set up to “every cell tower in the world to locate,” on the other, numerous searches were evaluated, the Guardian . A Light for the secret – in a document of 2008 it says: “That means in a sense that everyone who uses Google Maps on his smartphone, working to support a GCHQ system . “

from the documents that come from the collection of the whistleblower Edward Snowden, however, do not indicate the extent to which actually make the secret of its potential use -. how many data packets from apps are so routinely stored and evaluated

In his speech, data monitoring and reform of intelligence practices, U.S. President Barack Obama has spoken out for better protection for metadata phone calls. The immense amount of data that can be gained from smartphone apps, he had, however, no mention emphasizes the Guardian .

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