Friday, January 10, 2014

Redtube: Next week new warnings? - Chip Online

Redtube: If before the next Abmahn-wave?

The busy Abmahn attorney Thomas Urmann does not come to rest after he was reported by colleagues and the federal government keeps the viewing of streaming principle for safe, now he gets to strike out – and announces more porn warnings.

Shortly before Christmas had the Berlin law firm Müller Müller Rößner that represents numerous victims of Redtube-warning wave, charges against Thomas Urmann in his capacity as Managing Director of the firm Urmann + colleagues found. In the criminal complaint Urmann be accused of, among others, coercion and blackmail or fraud, because the Abgemahnt Redtube users to be confident with legally dubious claims for payment of Abmahngebühr.

In discussion with the Bavarian Radio is Urmann was, however, left: The display was “complete legal nonsense”. The assessment of the Justice Department that the playback of a video stream does not constitute unauthorized reproduction within the meaning of copyright, it does not impress. Opposite the Hamburger Morgenpost presented Urmann clear: “.. For us [that] does not matter [...] Viewed objectively it is very thin, which the government has written since”

to substantiate its position, put Urmann in the Mittelbayerischen newspaper then once again: More ads against users of porn sites are to follow, despite all obstacles. And a possible date he indicated also directly: “Next week it becomes stressful again.”


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