Monday, January 27, 2014

NSA secret spy data on game apps from - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The NSA and its British partner service GCHQ also have data on the visor that is collected about users of apps, which reported the New York New York Times with respect to documents of the British secret service. As one example called the “New York Times” on Monday the popular game “Angry Birds”. The two secret lurking in the background, to access information such as place of residence, age or gender of the players, it said. The paper referred to in his report on documents from the collection of the informant Edward Snowden.

That way collect a lot of data about users mainly free apps, has long been an issue. A classic example is an application that could shine a flashlight the smartphone flash – and by the way information such as the current location and the identification number of the device thumbed. These data were then passed on to advertising networks. The Android app had been downloaded at least 50 million times.

But many apps collect the data with the explicit consent of the user, for example, social networks or online mapping services. The intelligence services had worked among other things together to tap off location information when a target person Google Maps use – or to get at address books when someone Apps of online networks may establish, writes the “New York Times”


In a secret British document of the year 2012 was the talk that you can access apps that contain the details of how the political or sexual orientation of users. At the same time the extent of data collection with the help of apps based on the available documents remains unclear curtailed the sheet. In the internal presentations sources such as “Social Apps”, “Geo-apps” or data would be called from mobile advertising. There also hot, these data could answer questions such as: “Where was my target person, as she did that?” Or “Where is my target person go?”

The new revelations add another piece of the puzzle for added knowledge about the great monitoring system of the NSA. Was already known that the American secret service various types of electronic communications taps, as well as accompanying information about phone calls, contents of address books and at least in the past, the internal traffic between data centers of Internet companies such as Google and Yahoo.

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intelligence spionierenn data on game apps out


secret spy data on game apps out


The acquisitiveness of the intelligence knows no bounds: Even on game apps like “Angry Birds” can be tapped on smartphones data on age, residence or sexual orientation


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