Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ZF and Ibeo develop new lidar technology – www.automobil-industrie.vogel.de

The automotive supplier ZF participates with 40 percent in the Hamburg company Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. Both companies aim to develop a new lidar technology.

The automotive supplier ZF has announced to participate with 40 percent in the Hamburg company Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. Together both companies intend to further develop the Lidar technology. “With lidar, we have access to a key technology of the environment and object recognition,” says ZF CEO Dr. Stefan Sommer started at Ibeo. “Lidar sensors complement of us previously used radar and camera technology – and especially brings the work done by Ibeo fusion of these three sensor technologies excellent results around perception and is a prerequisite for the autonomous driving.”

around three-dimensionally mapped

lidar (from the English: “light Detection and Ranging”) refers to a process in which a light pulse is emitted and can be calculated over the duration and speed of light a distance. Lidar is a radar-related method for optical distance and speed measurement; instead of the radio waves in the radar laser pulses are used. The developed with ZF lidar generation to the environment can represent three-dimensionally in the future and do not require rotating mirrors, as they include current lidar systems. Through the so-called solid-state technology, the lidar technology to be more compact and better integrate into vehicles than previous systems.


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