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After the successful circumnavigation of the solar airplane Solar Impulse 2 the Covestro AG (Leverkusen) supports a more advanced Initiative: The material manufacturer is first partner of the newly formed International Committee for clean technologies (International Committee for clean Technology, ICCT).

The founder and pilot of Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, have the ICCT founded to continue the legacy of their project. You want to show what is possible with modern materials and efficient technologies.

“Solar Impulse has demonstrated to the world flight without fuel, which can already make use of existing modern technologies,” says Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas. “We are all delighted to have played a significant role in this historic event. Our support of ICCT is a sign of our commitment to advance clean technologies in line with the objectives of the United Nations for sustainable development and provide sustainable solutions. “

Covestro has six years partner of solar impulse

From 2017 Covestro will be represented on the board of the Solar Impulse Foundation and at the same time share the responsibility of the new ICCT. The company has been six years Partner of Solar Impulse. It has provided for the ultralights high-tech materials – including a special polyurethane foam to make the cockpit particularly easy and best to insulate against cold and heat

The solar plane was recently more than 16 months months after. starting again landed in Abu Dhabi and has managed any fuel so that the first manned flight around the world. Before and during the flight, the Solar Impulse-makers in the initiative had already #futureisclean 400 institutions and organizations gathered who want to highlight the issue. By this the new committee wants to continue as a non-governmental organization, to inspire companies and individuals worldwide for a clean future.

07.08.2016 | Source: Covestro AG; Image: Solar Impulse | © Heindl Server GmbH

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