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Double runtime for Smartphone: New batteries come 2017 – t3n Magazine

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seam the end of the battery pack? (Photo: t3n)

One of the biggest smartphone weaknesses could be as early as next year to dissolve into thin air. Because the Startup Solid Energy has developed a battery with which the term can be doubled.

Although build manufacturers increasingly batteries in their smartphones, it comes with a charge mostly just skims the day – no longer than one and a half days calls certainly the outlet. To reduce the waiting time for charging, integrated manufacturers now fast charging technologies that batteries are again almost fully charged within half an hour, but that’s little consolation when no power outlet is within reach.

The Startup Solid Energy, which is from a research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT, one of the most best technical universities worldwide, emerged, has announced a breakthrough in the development of battery technologies. The development team has been able to produce a lithium metal battery, which at half the size, the same rating as the conventional lithium-ion batteries offers by a higher energy density. And, without compromising on the durability and safety of current batteries.

 The new lithium metal battery technology is far  more compact than . prior technology (picture:  MIT; CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
The new lithium metal battery technology is far more compact than conventional technologies. (Image: MIT; CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Use the new battery technology is due to the higher energy density and compact design possible to equip smartphones with double the battery capacity and them thus miss the double battery life ideally. This would have to be smartphone is hanging at the end of two or three days to the socket.

 2017 has finally come: The new battery  technology of Solid Energy lands in smartphones  (Photo: Solid Energy).
2017 has finally come: The new battery technology of Solid Energy lands in smartphones. (Photo: Solid Energy)

The researchers for some time experimenting the way already to the new battery and had announced their technology at the beginning of last year. Meanwhile, the development is so advanced that the first market-ready batteries are installed in November this year in drones. Early next year to the first smartphones and wearables come on the market that are equipped with the new battery.

From 2018 one wants to be ready to offer the lithium metal batteries for electric cars, in order to to increase coverage. Instead of 320 kilometers to 640 kilometers can be covered with the battery charge, so Qichao Hu, one of the developers of the new battery technology.

In the meantime, you can watch our advice battery charging to heart to lead.


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