Friday, August 5, 2016

HTC Vive: Valve releases tracking technology, so that third-party … – 4Players Portal

Already last year, Valve announced that the used for the HTC Vive Tracking Technology Lighthouse is to be released later for other companies. Now HTC has announced that it would begin to implement the idea. Other manufacturers can make their own controller for the system without expensive license fees ie: A prerequisite for this are paid training courses for compliance with important standards, which are held by the electronics manufacturers in Asia and by Valve and synapse in the US. According to the website of Synapse such proposes a course with $ 2,975 per participant to book – similar plans Europe still no details will be explained

Probably also expected in the not too future so some weapons controller, tennis rackets and similar input devices for. Virtual Reality headset appear on the market. More information will be soon posted on the official website. The Virtual Reality Magazine VRNerds adds:

“In addition, Valve is offering a Licensee Dev Kit for interested companies, which includes, but is an example object 40 sensors, the necessary electronics, software and documents. While the technology has been released for such projects, so not allowed Valve but that the Lighthouse stations themselves are modified. This has the background that Valve wants all objects created with all Lighthouse stations in circulation compatible are. But in the future Valve would also, in collaboration with the community stations verbessern.Die improve Lighthouse stations or its options is also high time. also presenting the Lighthouse stations in 2015 was to Valve that the pitch by the adding multiple Lighthouse stations will be scalable This is still not the case; but for larger VR experiences and installations is an absolute must “

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