Sunday, August 21, 2016

DuoSkin: Smart Tattoos with NFC technology – Mobilegeeks

Everyone has probably ever images of this silver or gold glued tattoos seen, which are so much worn at festivals. I inevitably had to think of them, as I have read from the smart tattoos. In which namely Microsoft Research and the MIT Labs have worked together to develop an interesting project for making these smart tattoos.

They are called DuoSkin and see like these stick-on tattoos for festivals. There are very thin, skin-friendly films that are made of gold and other metals. The DuoSkin Tattoos have real interface different functions can be performed with them. They are to designed using a graphics program, specifically designed for a particular purpose.

With the DuoSkin films MIT Lab and Microsoft Research would like to create a wearable for many different applications in everyday life. To interact with the tattoos, one uses the fingers and stroking it upward. Depending on how they are programmed during manufacture, then different things are executed. DuoSkin supports three different interfaces.

As a touch input device, for example, programs can be controlled with 2D switches or buttons in the tattoos. These two layers of foil are glued DuoSkin once vertically and once horizontally onto the skin. A soft display technology used in the smart tattoos as a display element. They contain thermochromic pigments with ink-like properties, depending on body temperature change their colors and can also be applied separately to the skin.

The third interface is a communication element communicating with the DuoSkin via NFC technology with other devices can. The tattoo wearer can use it to control mobile devices or transmit information. Whether this is cashless payments via NFC possible we will probably only learned at the official presentation of the smart tattoos. The scheduled to take place at this year’s ISWC 2016 (International Symposium on Wearable Computers) in Heidelberg.

I find the smart tattoos look really pretty and as they are neither intrusive nor disturbing, many prospective be expected for the skin jewelery be found. I’m curious how the project will develop in the future

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