Friday, August 12, 2016

DigitasLBi offers customers solutions with Oracle technology – Adzine

From now on the marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi offers its clients creative and technology consulting from a single source on the basis of Oracle technologies. To this end, the Agency has joined forces with Oracle DigitasLBi OSG (Oracle Solutions Group).

“Companies today are faced with the challenge through various platform-based solutions from different vendors across existing and potential customers identify, understand and interact with them, “said Alan Davies, Chief Strategy Officer at DigitasLBi.

The Solutions Group company aims to simplify the digital transformation of companies. In addition to offering a centered range of data and its analysis, media and platforms in an agency, says Ian Osborne, CEO of Spindrift, the specialists at DigitasLBi for implementing Oracle technologies.

The line of OSG will in future take over Ian Osborne, CEO of Spindrift, and Trevor Smyth, Global Head of Alliances of DigitasLBi’s. The Solution Group operates in UK, USA, Middle East and APAC.


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