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Interone-CEO Frank Wolfram: “Digital creation needs technology” –

Is in February on top of Interone: Frank Wolfram

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The past of Interone gives way since February, current CEO Frank Wolfram not. His eyes but forward. Wolfram believes it can rapidly lead the agency to new strength: The foundation is very strong, he says in an interview with HORIZON.
Interone is a Digital Agency of the first hour, which has seen better days. See your role as an architect, firefighter or administrator? The latter not at all. For this I am not built. The Agency is on a very solid foundation, so I sat as an architect on it. Actually, I see myself as a captain. After my start in February, we put our heads together and then set where we want, where further growth opportunities lie. To continue the metaphor: Now we are on track, with increasing number of nodes. You did not have to play fireman and putting out fires? The surprise: After all, the agency has lost an important BMW-budget last fall. BMW has awarded after many years, the Digital Etat new. That part of the business, we have taken sporty. Since then, we have succeeded in winning the global mandate for the mobility services offered by BMW Group. And for that we need some of employees with other qualifications, which is why we choose to continue. But the bottom line have left us almost 30 people. Employees use a budget change evenly also to reorient themselves. Interone has long been considered the digital BMW agency. If the dependence on one or a few large customers for a growing agencies gamble? For such a renowned customer like BMW to work on a variety of budgets, is a great and challenging task. In principle, it is important to large budgets that the routine that the same movements not too dominating. The budget change, we therefore used to question how you have to be established as a modern digital agency. How do you have to be prepared? Almost all commissioners are the Agenda Digital Transformation. In pitch the need for digital-first solutions and always-on approach and a requirement off to develop digital products and services of classic campaigns dominated. Interone covers this complete digital value.
 Frank Wolfram

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Then you need to dance simultaneously on quite a few weddings. However, strategy, platforms, apps, UX, content, social media and Measurement and Analytics -. customers expect all these services increasingly from their agency is what we also offer, depending on the mandate with changing focuses particularly.. demand are currently digital strategy consulting, Data consulting and development of creation off a campaign Think towards an always-on strategy Attention, a new buzzword:.. Always-on strategy The people are on their phones almost always online. You want input do not get served at periodic intervals, but have permanent access to interesting content. With the traditional campaign thinking, every three months to launch a campaign, then go off again, it no longer falls on the timelines of the few mega-Apps. Communications must therefore be always-on. So no new buzzword, but a necessity. The USP of Interone has long been the combination of great technological expertise with an appealing design. This combination can now successfully involved other agencies. We are now one step further. The market today requires a broader range – namely the complete digital value, and from a single source. Who specializes only a few services, is likely to have problems.

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Not only the Internet itself, the service provider side fragmented and more often. who are the strongest competitors? in addition to Internet specialists to try increasingly formerly classic advertising agencies, consultants and classic IT vendors in this business. are you concerned? No, on the contrary. digital without technological expertise can permanently not work. agencies which are in the process of acquiring digital specialists, without being able to demonstrate a broad technological base, will at best play only a subordinate role in the digital market. This thesis following the hour of IT companies such as Adobe, IBM, SAP or business consultants such as Accenture takes a beating. The emphasis is on the subjunctive, although we actually increasingly such providers encounter in pitches. Agencies such Interone traditionally come through the marketing managers in pitches, consultants often the CEO. Exciting is whether the CDOs, which are now installed in many companies decide in future calls for a Digital Agency, a tech provider or a consultancy. For us, anyway, the fact that we have a very deep understanding of brands and people in addition to the technology. This is where our digital full range of Still:. If technology more important than creation? Digital creation needs technology. And software development is a creative process. We need both if we create digital experiences that inspire people. Therefore user experience design has become so important. And therefore we have CDs that care exclusively UX. We use agile methods work and live a culture where cross-functional teams not Taylorist work side by side, but collaboratively develop something together. You have international experience. Does that help in guiding a German agency group? Yes. Because Interone working for global customers and international projects realized. And because I have internalized the attitude abroad: Do not ask if, ask how. What would the German BBDO Group CEO Frank Lotze answer if he wanted to know in two sentences, what state of affairs at Interone is? We are well positioned with our whole digital value. And we are on track for growth. vs


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