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New LMP1 works team: Relevant technology is expensive – - WEC … –

For the Frenchman is clear: “The variety of concepts must be maintained.” Audi, Porsche and Toyota occupy their own niche in quite open LMP1 art competition. For more Manufacturers there are even now still gaps, but entirely new concepts could further enhance the attractiveness. “For manufacturers, cost control is important, but equally important is the value of motorsport program. If nobody is interested in the racing series, it’s quick money thrown,” said Beaumesnil.

“In principle, the development well. It’s just fun to compete at the level of such a world Cup with other manufacturers. And overall the starting field is great, “the new Audi LMP1 conductor Stefan Dreyer would. “More competition means more challenge I would like to see if you can see the current manufacturers in this intense battle, then bring me the creeps -… Just cool these, one wants more.”

is the hurdle by Audi, Porsche and Toyota too high?

from the perspective of the Audi squad leader the hurdles for newcomers under the current conditions are high, but to overcome yet. “… The technology is of course the madness It’s the series, is clearly the most technology in use, it is incredibly complex the more difficult it is, of course, enter new here,” says Dreyer and adds: “But I am convinced that the great works to achieve something. “

Porsche LMP1 conductor Fritz Enzinger, the factory team built in Weissach

© Porsche

“the rules there are here, that we can be competitive from the start. it’s doable,” clarifies the Audi LMP1 conductor. The example Porsche have shown how successful entry could be made. “Porsche is perhaps a helpful example for all those who play with the idea to want to get here. The highest recognition for their performance to get it sorted that. It shows that anything is possible.”

“We have shown how to build new structures and can be successful. and if we do that, then that should also be possible for other “agrees Porsche LMP1 chief Enzinger. “If the regulations with the amount of energy and the efficiency you look, since each automaker must have interest, because it is easy-to-date. I know of no other race series, the so brings an attraction. The engineers have nowhere such liberties at such a high level as in the WEC “

cost control:. lamenting about trifles helps not

the question remains how to simultaneously in the development of possible technologies in the LMP1 class costs wants to keep under control. The obvious options have been exhausted, the proposed token system very controversial. “We have limited the test days, the wind tunnel hours and the number of aero packages. Two years ago, had some teams still twice as many days of testing and were constantly in the wind tunnel,” says ACO sporting director Beaumesnil is.

For some manufacturers one is partly already gone too far in the previous way of cost-limiting measures. “Let’s take the example of test days,” said Audi chief technology officer Jörg Zander. The works have a year 43 test days available – allows every nine hours drive are. “For me, a day has 24 hours a day – I learned so,” said Zander. “Anyway, we just twelve hours within these twelve hours car is allowed to drive on the track a total of nine hours The is then a test day…”

“now laments: It’s not about nine hours vehicle on the track, but it is about nine hours Grünphase. Since you have times but the Church can in the village. How we do it because now, if two teams simultaneously test? then we turn each other on red? “asks the experienced Engineer. This chosen path can not be right. For example, if two teams simultaneously test and one team is planning an extensive reconstruction the setup, it will provide a red phase …

In such a case you would be sure that nothing would be lost by the time quota of the test day the respective second team in the test mode, however, would like to thank for something warm. It is nonetheless a scenario that the current rules provoke almost. “Why so complicated? Each track has a timing,” says Zander. “As I count at the end of the day the lap times together and see how long I went Usually these are in any case never nine hours..”


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