Wednesday, August 10, 2016

British Military Analysis: “Russia is the UK on weapons and force … – RT German

According to a British military analysis has Russia signifiaknte advantages over the British Army. Since the royale MG-manning by Prince Harry does not seem to help …

Russian weapons, including rocket launchers and air defense systems, outperform their British counterparts, write British media reference to an analysis by the UK MoD. This will give the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, a “significant advantage” over the British forces. Observers suspect that the targeted leak to the British media but rather the attempt to increase the military budget.

The analysis should be developed March 2016 under the direction of the British Chiefs of Staff, General Sir Nick Carter. The document was based according to The Telegraph on the results of carried out in Western Ukraine exercises.

“In case of the unlikely direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, we have to admit that Russia is currently a significant advantage over the British forces has,” Telegraph quoted from the report.

the Times writes that a planned for the British forces 3.5 billion pounds more expensive military fleet in case of a confrontation is disproportionate vulnerable to Russian mortars and rockets.

The report can be seen beyond, must that the UK and its NATO allies “strongly” take measures to achieve the level of Russian agents for electronic warfare.

“Because of the fact that some of our superb military capabilities are gradually eroding since 2003, we have to look for ways to fight at the tactical level’klüger’, and admit that some opponents could be equipped with weapons that are superior to ours, “Telegraph quoted the conclusion of analysts.


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