Friday, August 19, 2016

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Why might irritate the shares of Novo Nordisk to start, which meant a merger with Praxair for Linde why we are not afraid of Tech should have -Aktien and why just Mobileye is worth a look here


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Novo Nordisk


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The world’s largest insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk showing stock market chart has recently revised slightly its annual forecasts downward and was in favor of investors strongly punished. Wrongly

The revenue growth is currently for 2016 at five to 7 percent? (Previously: 5 to 9 percent) seen. In terms of operating profit growth outlook to between 5 and 8 percent was (previously: 5 to 9 percent) reduced. As a consequence, the stock fell measured from the last intermediate high by more than 20 percent. In effect, this means that a probable circumcision of operating profit growth of about 490 million Danish kroner a loss of market capitalization of 170 billion Danish kroner precludes.

long-term investors who are interested in quality stocks at reasonable prices, this temporary overreaction will follow with great interest. Because the business model is and remains stable and the number of diabetic patients is increasing steadily at



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