Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Merck invested EUR 15 million in liquid crystal window technology – Process

Merck wants to build a production plant for liquid crystal window modules. The investment volume for this is around 15 million euros, on the location will be decided in the coming weeks. The preparation of the switchable glass modules will begin in late 2017.

Darmstadt -. The investment in the liquid crystal screen technology is an important step in the strategic initiative “LC 2021″ With her Merck aims its market. addition to use and technology strength in liquid crystals on the use in displays. Merck had the Dutch specialist for liquid crystal window technology peer + taken in June 2014 with which the company had been working since 2011 closely.

Switchable liquid crystal window ( Liquid Crystal Windows, LCW) can currently achieve two effects: they darken the glass as sunscreen or let it become opaque to provide privacy they are used primarily in the architecture, while there are automotive applications in the development order a faster market penetration.. to achieve the new technology, Merck own business for liquid crystal screen technology has now also created. It is like the liquid crystals to business unit display material within the division Performance Materials.

Pilot applications ready

“We see a great opportunity in it, with these steps the market for liquid crystals to make in windows. This does not mean that we will compete with glass and window manufacturers. The LCW modules that we manufacture are virtually precursors. They can then be processed by our customers to smart windows and glass facades, “said Walter Galinat, Member of the Executive Board of Merck and CEO Performance Materials

The first pilot applications for liquid crystal window there already. The western windows of modular innovation center Merck in Darmstadt is equipped with the new LC-windows for over a year – with consistently positive resonance the new OLED production facility, which is currently being built in Darmstadt, was equipped with LC-windows, already has an improved energy. – and light management feature

Transparent and neutral color darken -. by itself or by pressing a button

in order to protect against solar radiation, to liquid crystal windows let in seconds and continuously from dark to light and regulate reversed, either automatically or manually. The materials offered under the brand name Licrivision have large color neutrality. The desired color can be tailored adapted to match the environment. They also remain crystal clear even when viewed obliquely. To provide intelligent window in buildings the architects the opportunity to use a lot of glass and create transparent space concepts. At the same time making a significant contribution to sustainable building climate.

Preliminary measurements have shown that up to 40% energy can be saved. The light transmission can be varied in the range of up to 70% in the bright switching state and at least 5% in the dark switching state. Long-term tests prove the durability of materials. From icy winter nights until midday heat of a midsummer day they function properly. They are just as easy as conventional windows in facades integrated and clean. A “Privacy” variant of the window allows switching from transparent to opaque, which is suitable for example for meeting rooms in public buildings or bedroom in the home.


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