Friday, August 19, 2016

Aerosol Jet technology enables Optomec electronics 3D printing on … –

The American company Optomec , provider of 3D printing systems for electronics and metals, now offers its Aerosol Jet Technology an opportunity polymers and composites in the micrometer range to to press. This technology could in the future allow the size and cost of electronic and biomedical products to reduce, as Optomec .

This new method is from the combination of aerosol Jet technology developed for the 3D printing of fine details with a specially developed system for local hardening. Unlike powder-based method in which a portion of the material is cured so as to build the object layer by layer, is in the process of Optomec only applied the required material and cured immediately. This is not only to save material but allows only such a high resolution, explains the Manufacturer

Mike O’Reilly, Optomec Director Aerosol Jet Product Management says.


“This breakthrough in 3D printing technology extends additive manufacturing to the creation of micron scale, free-form polymer structures and smart devices. We continue to place emphasis on innovation: such as Aerosol Jet 3D micro-structure printing to address our customer’s next generation product development challenges. “

The process to 3D structures can be in the micrometer range without any establish support structures. The printed polymeric and composite materials properties can later be metallized with conductor tracks and equipped with functional components such as antennas and sensors.

The Aerosol Jet 3D Micro-Structure Printing enables printing of structures with a resolution of up to 10 microns (lateral to 1 .mu.m, and vertical to 100 nm). In this case, an aspect ratio of 1: 100 are achieved. The inclined printhead structures can be printed on almost any surface geometry, including semiconductor chips, medical equipment and industrial products.

The White Paper for printing process can be seen here.


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