Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Essmanns advanced EasyDrive / 2 technology for smart windows and … – Baulinks

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(08/30/2016) presented as a solution provider for automated building envelopes
 Essmann on the
 Fensterbau Frontale the EasyDrive / 2 technology for a wide range
 his driveseries before, including chain and lock actuators and -
 been added – linear drives. As part of an integral
 Control concept can be as facade elements in the building automation

Photo © Essmann

the new EasyDrive generation is based on the established drives
 the known basic functions, which electronically to the respective
 be adapted projects. These include essential parameters such as stroke, force
 and speed. Additions include now functions individually
 are configurable for smoke and heat extraction systems, as well as the daily
 Ventilation required. Thus, for example, a pinch
 parameterize. protecting soft start and adjustable closing pressure relief
 additional drives and hardware.

In addition, each EasyDrive / 2 drive has two terminals to
 link several elements with little effort directly with one another and synchronize

for more information about
 EasyDrive / 2 drives can be made by
  Email Essmann are required

See also for additional information. <- - Ce!>:


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