Monday, August 15, 2016

Poets and thinkers: VC-T technology at Infiniti – THE WORLD

Good things take time. The white also Shinichi Kiga. He is the chief engine designer at the prestigious Nissan-Infiniti sister and research already 20 years on a technology that will allow a variable compression and revolutionize the gasoline engine. “VC-T” calls Kiga combining “Variable Compression” and “Turbo”, with his team after two decades and more than 300 patents now appears to be a breakthrough. Because the end of September at the Paris Salon he wants his new miracle engine for the first time show and he is beginning 2018 – <"teMotor" / span class => QX50 believed in until then also renewed SUV -. Actually come on the market

with a sophisticated system, the compression of the engine in the entire field of 14: 1 to 8: 1 are varied, explained Kiga. If when overtaking or on an incline much performance is required, the engine running at a low compression ratio and brings a corresponding amount of power. If you roll hand casually then, the compression is increased. Although then performance is reduced by up to one-third, but goes parallel to the consumption significantly explains Kiga the two extremes between which its engine oscillates freely.

What Kiga large for the 2.0 liter promises turbo engine, actually sounds promising: “We offer the performance and smoothness of a V6 gasoline engine with the consumption of a four-cylinder diesel engine,” says the engineer in prospect. With concrete figures he holds still a little behind the mountain. But as to the 270 hp and 400 Nm already offer the motor must, if it is to be accepted as an alternative. And while consumption would like the QX50 a four come first in a mid-size SUV well.

“This is a breakthrough,” agrees Brand Chef Roland Krüger. Even if many producers research the topic and make engines already can switch between two different compression ratios, his company is the first one that has achieved the total variability, brags Kruger and is pleased that Infiniti so finally a “Industry First” can boast that actually is good for differentiating the large German luxury brands. Even if quite see the Japanese as innovation drivers, they could demonstrate their alleged leadership in technology except for the electric steering hardly credible. And just the innovative steering system with its doughy, sluggish feeling even flunked most practical tests. This should not happen again in VC-T engine. Although the Japanese refuse or each test drive, but raving about a very spontaneous response and especially by an immense smoothness, as six cylinders to own otherwise. “If you sit at the wheel, you feel between VC-T and V6 engine no difference,” promises Kiga.

For this, he and his team drive a corresponding expense. So they do not have integrated a second wave in the four-cylinder under the crankshaft is rotated by an electric motor and thus vary the length of the piston stroke. There are two different injection methods for different operating points and a network of sensors which detect the driving behavior and performance requirements and thus regulate the control of the compression. No wonder Kiga has a bit more time for this development needed. Although

The technology comes late, but still just the right time. Because with the VC-T concept guiding the Japanese not only the next round of downsizing and continue sawing the branch of high-volume multi-cylinder. Above all, they emancipate themselves so rapidly from diesel, the Infiniti sell anyway only in Europe, where the numbers are the lowest total. “Although we will not phase out the diesel on the fly,” says brand boss Krüger. “But in the medium term, the VC-T technology has all the makings of a substitute for diesel.” The consumption of the new engine in any case will remain at about the level of comparable common-rail units, he holds out the prospect.

afraid that he is with his development a little late and he electrification a stroke going through the bill, Kiga has not present. Even when the engine is new QX50 once is a solo, it can be used flexibly for the future, the developer says: “You can put the VC-T technology not only with each displacement and any number of cylinders, but also easily combined with electric motors to a hybrid. “

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