Friday, August 5, 2016

FDI technology ready for practice – Process

To ensure a uniform and practical integration technology to implement process automation, Profibus & amp has; Profibus International (PI), FDI (Field Device Integration) technology developed. Meanwhile, the technology is ready for use. Now FDI has established in the market

Karlsruhe -. With the development of FDI technology PI has set an example. Not only because the technology will greatly facilitate the device integration in the future. But because FDI is the common result of intensive work of producers and organizations for industrial communication. The goal was consistent simplify device integration, the boundary conditions a maximum manufacturer-neutrality and the use of proven elements of existing technologies.

The completion of the FDI technology is impressive evidence that a targeted intensive cooperation can succeed by different organizations in the industrial automation and can provide users with operational technologies for their solutions. This includes the specification of FDI and EDDL and tools and components to support an efficient product development.

What does the FDI technology to offer?

Once the work in the FDI Cooperation LLC now is the establishment of FDI technology on the market yet as an important task. Key element to promote the market penetration of FDI are the tools and components as well as the joint establishment of testing, certification and registration rules. To ensure this, have PI and the Field Comm Group contractually bound to a common development, maintenance and deployment on the market.

To support device manufacturers in integrating FDI in their equipment a cross-protocol development environment Integrated development Environment (IDE) provided for the efficient development, testing and generation of FDI Device Packages, and a low-overhead overpass existing EDDs in a FDI Device package. It enables device manufacturers, FDI Device to create packages for Profibus, Profinet, Foundation Fieldbus and HART devices through unified processes.

Another important result for FDI is to define an architecture for so-called FDI host components that similar processing device integration packages in various FDI hosts is allowed. The place in the context of the activities implementation of such a component is to serve the host manufacturers as a reference in the implementation of FDI in their tools.


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