Sunday, August 28, 2016

Finance & Technology: How RPA & AI the way for change … –

London (ots / PRNewswire) –

While technology continues to lead to changes in all industries, the financial industry is relatively slow and gradually started to adopt technological changes. However, there are significant technological advances to which the industry must adjust: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence

Given and in view of the preparations for the RPA & amp;. Artificial Intelligence Summit has the Shared Services & amp; Outsourcing Network (SSON) an industry report entitled “RPA & amp; AI Analysis: The Finance Industry ( -ai-analysis-the-finance-industry-mc utm_source = prnewswire & amp? ; utm_medium = ad & amp; utm_campaign = -external-pressrelease & amp; utm_term = finance report & amp; utm_co ntent = text & amp; mac = 27619.001_finance% 20Report & amp; disc = 27619.001_finance% 20re port) “written, which stresses that the financial sector adopt technology and their workers must strengthen these new technologies were – RPA is doing hotly debated

An output of the report is complete and downloaded free of charge on the event website ( ? and-ai-analysis-the-finance-industry-mc utm_source = prnewswire & amp; utm_med ium = ad & amp; utm_campaign = -external-pressrelease & amp; utm_term = finance report & amp; utm _content = text & amp; mac = 27619.001_finance% 20Report & amp; disc = 27619.001_finance % 2 0report) are. In addition, a copy can be requested by e-mail at

The RPA & amp; Artificial Intelligence Summit, to December 2, will take place from 30 November in London, is the 250,000 strong SSON and PEX Network communities together in order to unite all those in the field and intelligent automated service innovations are most advanced. The event will provide answers about the RPA technology that using cognitive abilities are configurable; it will be clarified, such as cost reductions and improved services as well as better decision making in real time can be achieved

For the full program, event details and registration information for the RPA & amp. Artificial Intelligence Summit, visit, or get on +44 (0) 207-368-9809 or email

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