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Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Co. are of microphone … – Macerkopf – Apple News from Cupertino

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Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Now and Co. were thwarted by the lack of new innovation in microphone technology. This is the conclusion Bloomberg, quoting several analysts.


processors, cameras and other components of smartphones have evolved significantly in recent years. Comparing the technology of the first smartphones with today’s devices so huge differences can be seen. These major advances are not recognizable in microphone technology and so have microphones still problems rauszufiltern background sounds and distant voices to register accurate. This of course affects the interaction with digital voice assistant

No doubt, there is an arms race, “says Peter Cooney, at analyst at Insight SAR & amp. Consulting. The big tech companies are thinking a lot more about mics than theyhave for the past few years. Since the 2012 launch of the iPhone 5, “microphone performance hasnt really improved did much,” says Marwan Boustany, at analyst with research firm IHS Markit.

In recent years, Apple has its iPhone models donated increasingly microphones to improve speech input. Came the first iPhone only one microphone is used, it had the iPhone 6 has three microphones. When iPhone 6S Apple installed even four microphones. This should, among other background noises are better filtered out. An improvement can be observed in the last years, but is still more room for improvement. Not only for Apple, but for all manufacturers.

So it is difficult to use the “Hey Siri” feature of the iPhone 6S over a greater distance. Interestingly, Apple’s software chief Craig Fedrighi received exactly on this issue a few days ago. He stated that Apple has made to Verbessrung the Siri-quality thoughts, how many microphones are placed in a unit and where they are installed. But the hardware and software has been optimized to the extent.

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