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Claas The inventors of SHREDLAGE Technology Roger Olson (left) and Ross Dale (second from right) with Hermann Lohbeck (second from left), Member of the CLAAS Group Executive Committee and responsible for the business segment forage crop, and Lutz Arndt (kaufm. Director CLAAS Saulgau).
Image: Claas
Claas has known protected by patents and worldwide under the trade name Shredlage has become acquired the same US company’s technology. Last year Claas was completed with the owners a license agreement for this new process for corn processing. About the contractual details in each case was not disclosed.

“The clear customer benefits of Shredlage convinced us. With the acquisition of the well-known brand, we round out our technology concept as the international leader in self-propelled forage harvesters, “explains Hermann Lohbeck, the Claas Group Executive Board responsible for the Commercial forage harvesting.

The famous branded Shredlage technology is a new type of silage corn processing which will put more and more dairy farmers in poor grassland regions. This corn is chopped with unusually large cut lengths 26 to 30 millimeters. The decisive factor is the subsequent treatment with the Shredlage cracker technology.

The intensive digestion of the material increases the surface area of ​​the material to be chopped by a multiple, which should lead to a significantly improved bacterial fermentation in silage and especially in digestion in the rumen of the cow. This procedure is in the rumen increase the structural effect of corn silage strong and at the same time improve the availability of the starch present in all plant parts. This could lead to an increase in milk yield. In addition, the rumen-friendly structure of silage also improve the health of the herd.

In addition to a higher milk production and improved animal health has Shredlage milk producers more advantages. Through the optimal digestion of the strength of the concentrated feed can be reduced in overall higher milk yield. The supplement structurally rich components such as straw may be limited or even eliminated, resulting in further savings.

“We are very pleased that Ross Dale and Roger Olson will continue to support as the inventor of used branded Shredlage technology us and our customers as a consultant,” said Hermann Lohbeck.
the Claas MULTI CROP CRACKER concept (MCC) with uniform Cracker housing and three hot-swappable Corncracker-rollers (MCC Claasic, MCC MAX and MCC Shredlage) provides a comprehensive integrated concept for Häckselgutaufbereitung that of the short-cut silage over the long cut silage to Shredlage enough. The Shredlage rollers – as the known Sägezahnprofilwalzen – at the Claas Industrietechnik in Paderborn produced

claas The SHREDLAGE technology – a new type of maize silage preparation


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