Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CLIP technology of Carbon now has two more 3D printing service … –

After Carbon his M1 3D printer with the Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology early April this year formally introduced, cooperation followed with four service providers. The company now adds two more Service Partner’s portfolio added to the technology to be able to offer a wider customer base.

In addition to Sculpteo carbon_m1_3d_printer_clip_technology

now offer the US 3D printing service on Dinsmore Inc. and Midwest prototyping the CLIP technology that can be produced both functional prototypes and end parts quality. Currently, there are five different resin material groups available, including strong, flexible and elastic polyurethane, heat-resistant cyanate ester and a special material for prototypes.

Jay Dinsmore, CEO of the service provider Dinsmore & amp; Associates, Inc., believes that the future of additive manufacturing in the production of end lies. Him convinced the quality, speed and choice of materials:

“The future of additive manufacturing lies in the ability to produce end-use parts. Carbon’s offering is truly innovative Because of the range of materials we can print with, the quality of parts did come off the M1 machine, and the speed at Which we can achieve the Desired end-use results. “

Joseph DeSimone, CEO and co-founder of carbon says:


“At carbon, we’re working hard to deliver CLIP into the hands of the engineers and designers who will transform industries. With access to the M1, thesis leading service bureaus can better serve Their innovative customers, and make a real impact in a number of industries. They are key partners on our journey to disrupt the manufacturing landscape. “


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