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Carbon instead of steel: – Leipziger Volkszeitung

Oschatz . Meanwhile, there is no unusual sight more if representatives of universities, construction companies and manufacturers of building materials in the concrete factory Oschatz guests are. The company is part of the research and development consortium C 3 , in which the possibilities for the production of lighter concrete structures will be explored.

, centered on the use of carbon fiber instead of steel wire as reinforcement. Research is carried out in this context, to concrete mix designs and technological processes.

In Oschatz are to enter into a C 3 -Teilprojektes after production of sample elements six meters long binder made in this innovative design. The production of this specific component, as it is used in construction repeatedly was followed by some 30 representatives from industry and research yesterday.

After setting up the reinforcement cage and the assembly of the mold the 0.8 cubic meters of concrete have been poured into the mold. the concrete was compacted by vibration while the worktable and with mechanical aids. Managing Director Birgit Zocher expressed satisfaction with the progress of the work. “No, so quiet I was not, as we have the first binding made here with carbon reinforcement, not,” she admits.

When the form was filled and the component had been given a smooth surface, larded Christian Wagner from Construction Implenia Construct the workpiece with sensors. “Sense of the measurements is to determine the optimal conditions for the curing of the component,” he said. It will determine how much water is lost in this process. The resulting vacuum would lead to undesirable cracking. Critical are especially the first eight hours of curing. However, market opportunities have the carbon reinforcements and the innovative concrete recipes only if you allow the previously common quality standards einhalte sure.

With regard to the use of materials, the new technology convinced already. In the parking lot of concrete work Oschatz are currently two six meter long established ties – one with steel and the other with carbon fiber reinforcement. Both are designed for the same load, the conventional carrier has a cross section of 2,600 square centimeters, while the innovative component manages with 1280th However, not only saves the weight of the reinforcement, but also the use of the concrete, as the carbon fabric with a considerably thinner than jacket manages the steel reinforcement.

Consortium for his research project honored

concrete plant manager Matthias Schurig appears optimistic about the development of costs for the new process is concerned. “At first we had only small-sized tissue available, today our partners can already larger dimensions make available,” he explained. Just as the machine once developed 3D bending machines to manufacture of steel reinforcements, he could certainly respond to the requirements for the production of structures made of carbon fiber.

From the initiative “Places in the Land of Ideas”, the consortium was awarded its partners in late July as winners. This development is not completed. While the binder yesterday made is first analyzed and then used as an exhibit, is 2018 already the construction of a C 3 planned -Hauses in Dresden, the round up of components with carbon reinforcement is to be built.

By Axel Kaminski


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