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News: PS4 Slim leaked – Doom Father John Carmack to Oculus Rift … – GameStar

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PS4 Slim
She should be officially announced only at an event in September, now the PS4 Slim but leaked earlier. Some players can buy the console at an auction in advance. The website Euro Gamer has visited and verified that the console is truly the owners of Slim. Supposedly you can buy the smaller model later this month.

Techical details visit yet, the Slim is also a new Dual Shock controller for having a light strip on the front. Apparently not only this Slim console, but also the more powerful PS4 Neo will be presented at a Sony event in November.

Doom creator is swiped Oculus Rift technology have

Giant row between the Bethesda parent company Zenimax and Oculus VR. Because Zenimax accused the former employee to have stolen Doom creator John Carmack trade secrets and technologies and have thus developed the Oculus Rift.

Carmack had by 2013 made software in Bethesda subsidiary id, then moved but as Chief Technical Officer for Oculus. With which is Zenixmax media for some time in a dispute. Now say the lawyers but that Carmack should not only have thousands of documents but also a special developed by Zenixmax VR development tool stolen in his last days at Oculus on a USB stick.

The lawyers claimed would be the Oculus Rift without this knowledge and the technology is not nearly as wide as it is today. according Zenimax addition was the whole story about the career of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey a lie. The allegedly designed the first Oculus in his parents’ garage. But how explain the lawyers, he had neither the experience nor the programming skills possessed for developing the Oculus Rift without the stolen Zenixmax technology.

This is in any case still exciting. Especially yes Oculus in litigation can access the endless resources of Facebook.

Allison Road is now;

The eternal reciprocating to the horror game Allison Road continues. Because after that was relatively easy without comment pulped in June, the trend is now but continue again. Allison Road-inventor Christian Kesler has namely against IGN stated that he wants to finish the game in alleingang. But he has a new studio Far From Home founded together with his wife as a business partner.

Kesler had incorporated some changes on gameplay and story after the supposed end of the project and so quickly found new motivation, the project alone finish. When exactly, is unknown. As 1-man project all from me also has begun before the project several team-developers to thrust through Kickstarter and the Publisher Team 17

New MMO special issue on World Of Warcraft:. Legion

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