Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cancer screening: Kreiskrankenhaus Agatharied introduces new technology –

Agatharied – time always plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of cancer. The frozen section examination of tissue samples saving valuable minutes.

In recent years, the tumor conference was introduced, discussed in the specialist once a week, the findings of the cancer patients and the type define the treatment. In addition, a new radiation bunker was put into operation.

Now comes a further step in the development of the Tumor Center of the clinic. Since Monday can be carried out in tumors here a frozen section diagnosis. “A certain unique positioning for Agatharied” says Medical Director Susanne Rogers pleased with the innovation. In the region, only the Klinikum Rosenheim offering this power to, in Germany there are 20 percent of all hospitals

Background:. To date, tissue samples that cleared were to whether the patient’s tumor is benign or malignant, sent to an external pathologist for examination. In the result, the surgeons then had to wait up to one hour. The new form of diagnosis shorten this waiting time immensely.

Because “The frozen section can be carried out during ongoing operation”, informed Rogers. “The result we then after ten to fifteen minutes.” A significant and valuable time savings. Some operations, such as on the thyroid gland, can wait 90 minutes not easy. The ill person should be sewn up again and later undergo another operation. “For the patient, this is a huge relief, because he quickly certainty has,” says the grown in Agatharied tumor surgeon who would be able to work around three years in their homeland since.

Before an operation is completed, the doctors could find, thanks to this process, whether all parts of the tumor were removed completely. This was particularly important in patients with breast or cervical cancer as well as cancers of the pancreas, liver, stomach and colon. General says Rogers, the prognosis of patients improve significantly.

The hit rate of the frozen section analyzes was namely pleasingly high. An exception among other fancy leukemia (blood cancer), which was simply too complex. Another positive side effect is an economic one, shorter operation time means namely lower costs. Rogers: “A surgical minute costs at least 33 euros.”

An estimated five to six such frozen section studies will continue at the clinic one day a week performed. For this purpose, a specialist in pathology from Starnberg arrives at the laboratory of the hospital, prepared by the removal of tissue freezing pieces on, dyed a these so-called slice preparations and examined it under the microscope. The findings are anschießend by telephone given in the operating room. The surgeon can then quickly decide how large the required procedure must actually have, the OP must not be interrupted.

Statistically, every second person falls ill during his life even to cancer. Fear of tumor diseases, says Dr. Rogers, but they should not have. The chances of recovery would in fact continue to improve. “But thought you should familiarize yourself thoroughly,” warns Rogers. Not least because the disease today increasingly auftrete even at a young age. What advice does the specialist so? feed “healthy, let it be sports, but not a competitive sport, and smoking if possible and get regular screening. Particularly as regards cancer. “


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