Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Japanese Central Bank launches block chain technology – BTC Echo

The governor of the Japanese central bank is sure -. The block chain technology has to influence the development of financial services significantly the potential

During an event at the Japanese FinTech Center, Haruhiko Kuroda shared his views on the block chain With. The FinTech center itself was opened specially this year for research on financial technology.

Kuroda called the artificial intelligence and the Blocckhain technology as two achievements that could change “the face of financial services” fundamentally.


“Given the fact that the development of financial services mainly to the infrastructure of ledgers (accounts books) is based and these are just in a change, this change could have a serious impact on the financial services themselves. “

Kuordas comments reflect the statement of the Japanese Vice governor Hiroshi Nakato resist in May. Nakato said at the time, banks should put a watchful eye on the development of the block chain technology and the digital currency.

In his speech Kuroda pointed out that the Bank of Japan a leading role in research financial technology intends to adopt. This could even have an impact on operation of the central bank itself.

“The Bank of Japan (BoJ) is ready for it to play a leading role in researching the FinTech industry. We want to find out to what extent we FinTech technologies can be used in the future for our processes, “said Kuroda

In recent weeks and months, we have already heard increasingly by a growing interest of the Japanese government and central bank at the block chain technology

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