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Magic Leap: Staff rule on the augmented reality technology – VRODO

The hype is great to Magic Leap. Although the augmented reality startup permanently making headlines and there are numerous testers are amazing ago little concrete information. At Glassdoor, employees express about the working conditions and the potential of the new technology.

Company founder Rony Abovitz leadership and floor are firmly convinced that Magic Leap has the potential to “change the world” , If the master plan rise, this formulation would probably not even an exaggeration. The Startup wants namely replace the smartphone, which has fundamentally influenced in recent years communications and economics. A possible successor technology could exert a similar disruptive effect.

“We wanted to do something that has nothing to do with books, movies or games. We wondered how to deal in the future with computers or media and entertainment consumed. And then we invented the technology that makes this possible, “Abovitz said recently at a conference of Wired.

So an ambitious goal can not be achieved with big words and good PR, but only with a lot of work and even more money. Magic Leap latter scored from investors. The total enterprise value is approximately 4.5 billion US dollars. Well-known companies such as Google bet amount of risk capital on the success of the new technology. And for working Magic Leap hundreds of employees hired, the work on both hardware and software. Some of them express themselves anonymously on the review platform Glassdoor on working conditions.

It is striking that even the employees who sharply criticize the management and conditions at Magic Leap, are quite convinced that the actual product a has immense potential. An employee in employment, the exercise of strong criticism of working processes and his employer are only two of a maximum of five points, still speaks of a “great potential” technology and “extremely talented colleagues”.

Another employee complains also about the management, but also writes: “We must work on something that does not exist.” the criticism of the management usually refers to a lack of transparency with respect to the business strategy, lack of focus and noisy open office

<. p> Another colleague speaks exclusively in positive terms of “wise, educated and motivated engineers”, the “world-changing product,” working on a. The fact that the technology will have the potential to “change the world”, another employee formulated exactly the same and also writes of “brilliant staff”

Another employee is more cautious. “I am curious if the product will be successful. “In none of the eleven reviews seem to concern that the inventions of Magic Leap could be only a pipe dream.

from the end of the year there should be tangible information

As a relatively certain is that Magic Leap developed a new display technology that is at the heart of the upcoming Mixed Reality hardware. She puts on a light field instead of pixels and to digital objects particularly credible project in the field of vision of the spectacle wearer. Or rather, on the retina. The actual projector Leap glasses apparently sitting in an external box – the size of a smartphone – sends the visual data via fiber optics to the main unit. Both the graphical calculations and for the interface is also likely a sophisticated eye tracking system play a central role.

Even if the product of Magic Leap flop at the end, the company might be enough patents and technology portfolio have to be on the licenses rich.

the production of the first prototypes for developers is scheduled to begin in these days in a former Motorola factory in California. By the end of the year should be first concrete analysis to technology so. The current demo showing a shopping process via augmented reality, in which a mother sets up a nursery by augmented digital furnishings in the room and then ordered the real product. Developed the demo for the Magic Leap partner Alibaba, the e-commerce giant from China

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. | Source: Glassdoor | Featured Image: Magic Leap (Screenshot YouTube)


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