Monday, August 15, 2016

Tech joint-stock: A money-printing technology – Wallstreet-online

Rockstone would not digress from the mine in the technology sector, except there is an opportunity, based on a proven and unprecedented money-making model for growth, as well as a stock exchange but only recently, but already is ready to withdraw immediately. . The seated in Vancouver RewardStream Solutions Inc (TSX.V: REW; Frankfurt: JL4L, WKN: A2APX1) is on track to revenue of $ 1.75 million CAD in fiscal 2016, which ends in September to be recorded.

Is this the end the flagpole, or only a foot in the door?

Well, if you have customers that have been proven to make many times more money than you put them into account, then you have pretty much satisfied and happy customers. And happy customers are addicted to you, while others got wind and the same wish – the ingredients for a viral market noise, based on a pull rather than push strategy. Nothing makes fuller than word of mouth. If you have a technology that can translate this power into money, then you have not only cracked jackpot but has an anti-theft goose that lays golden eggs continuously. If you spend every day $ 1, to keep the goose alive, and it produces a golden egg worth $ 86 daily, you should cloning consider (and if indeed Cloneable, you ought to go public go) , Basically, this is exactly what makes RewardStream (and has made 7 days ago, when she began to trade on the stock exchange): The company generated $ 300 million in CAD for its customers in the last 24 months (now reckon you ever!).

the types of companies that make continually so much money with newfound customers have so chatoyierende names like Envision, Bell, Bark, Sprint, Telus, or Rogers – and have in literally what is necessary so that word is getting around. But the company Boost Mobile wins more than 20,000 new customers every month with the technology of RewardStream. Everyone wants to be rewarded.

The loyal shareholders RewardStream are unsure, a top-class tech companies with a proven track record and tremendous “Blue Sky” -Wachstumspotential to have; that they also may be made happy, because that is what makes the company.

Last Friday began the Geneva-based analyst Erenik Yzeiraj of the asset management company RAMPartners SA the regular reporting of RewardStream, where he a target price of $ 1.93 per share until next year predicts. The stock closed last at $ 0.42 CAD or € 0.22 EUR. It will now get around. Get rewarded!

The full report can be viewed with the following links:

German (PDF):

http: //

German (Web version): .php / de / research-reports / 1458-a- …


http: // rockstone-research. com / images / PDF / RewardStream1en.pdf

there for Android smartphones recently introduced an APP Rockstone Research in Google Play Goals

Disclaimer: Please read the full disclaimer in full research report as a PDF, as fundamental risks and conflicts of interest prevail.


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