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Soul of the tire The secret of the last groove – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Note: The tire is a thing whose importance can not be overstated. He is the only link between the vehicle and road – usually. Should it be otherwise, just something goes wrong.

Walter Wille Author: Walter Wille, editorial “Technology and Motor”.

The tire rubs on the services of grip and traction. Will you proud tires Men insult, you have to express only the presumption arises a tire simply by some rubber stuff going poured into a mold. How much consideration of how much research and development, which technique and especially what a large amount contagious feeling in a tire, some people do not suspect remotely. This becomes clear in the day when it comes to air “the mystery of the last groove”.

In the meeting room of Contidrom Malte Bigge talks out of school. Referenced on the “soul of the tire,” on testing mode “Shortly before fall”. As head tester for motorcycle tires at Continental surrounds him the natural authority of undisputed rounder, like a Tyrolean ski instructor or a Hawaiian Surf Idol. If anyone does not brag, just tell. Two dozen men and women hanging him on the lips.

More about

Conti has something made , “We make good products, but not everyone knows it,” says Sales and Marketing Director Spyridon “Spyro” Spyridonu. This first “Riding School” event for customers are followed by many others: driving and tilt training in Contidrom, factory tour in the north Hessian Korbach including Highway Tour. Spyridonu: “In the original equipment of motorcycles we are not so well represented, we must close bring to people that we can do it.”

A lot of money for upgrading

Among the people who are about to see the premiere, are the first impression about half each ambitious Angaser and cozy natures, all men, as they are on Sunday afternoons at sifts Bikertreff, with a piece of cake and a cup of coffee in front of him. It is louder winning a lottery. The price: one day Contidrom in theory and practice. The mystery of the last groove on the track.

A lot of money has invested lately in the modernization of 1967 opened test site north of Hanover tire empire. High-speed oval, circular paths, large and small handling tracks, wet or dry, off-road, gravel, cobble, concrete, steps, grooves, potholes, bumps and measurement of all kinds are available and are used by test teams of various car manufacturers. Specialty Contidrom is the 300 meter long hall of the “Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer” (AIBA): There are unmanned test vehicles automatically brake tests performed throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions and on exchangeable surfaces

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                                      With support wheel: The boom on the Kawasaki soothe the skew training immensely, especially when wet ,



insight into rubber universe

From such insights into rubber-universe visitors are naturally impressed. Product Manager Sascha Till makes them the advantages of the new super sports tire Sportattack 3 palatable to all to try. It’s about “Rain Grip” and the water drainage in an inclined position by drainage grooves to “grip limit feedback” and the feedback at the limit, “Multi Grip Technology” and the merits of different hardnesses mixtures from the tire center to the edges to “Traction skin “and” Zero Degree “construction. Who does not understand all of it, at least take the knowledge with. There are major differences, there are good tires and less good

That each tire brand has its own character, does not lie in the words of Chief Tester Malte Bigge alone at work in the development departments. The different textures of test routes used flowed also noticeably. “Each track has its own peculiarities. We tested again and again in Contidrom. Here is the soul of our tires. “Racer says Bigge, are not necessarily useful for tire development. “A racing driver runs over ‘the tires happy times, goes beyond the physical boundaries. Instead, one should be able drive out differences. “That move the tester while in border areas in, goes without saying.” It is inevitable that we destroy a few motorcycles “.

Without trust you drive no skew

such a thing is not planned for that day. For safety airbag vests are distributed, discussed rules of conduct and offered advice on precautions for initial treatment. For skew Training Two Kawasaki ER-6n available, equipped with side arms and rollers at their ends, adjustable at an angle to 55 degrees inclination. Select the instructors 45 degrees. Some participants manage to sit up with the rollers, other succeed not nearly. That the tire Sportattack 3 adheres to a strong downpour on wet track at 45 degrees, stunned almost all.

For the almost three kilometer handling course a fleet BMW S 1000 is RR willing the current queen of 200-horsepower rocket. Very few of the participants have been confronted by then with such biting brake on corner entry and such speed greedy powers the outgoing mail, a thrust which constantly wants to sweep up the front wheel. Long radii invite you to spend with the knee sliders on asphalt forever in the deepest angle, always behind the instructor ago. Some make the same way, others are so timid move that they would be overtaken by a trained Vespa rider with verbesserungswürdigem driving style.

But everyone is making progress throughout the day, the mystery of the last groove comes on his way closer, at least a little bit. For Malte Bigge, the matter is quite simple: “The key lies in the confidence in the tires. Who does not feel on the bike well, can not be improved “. Note: Without trust no one drives skew



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